Insects: An Edible Field Guide – Stefan Gates

Insects : an edible field guide

Very light & easy to read. The structure of the book is crystal clear & a bit boring at times : a list of edible insects by continent.

Take it with you as a little guide when you go insect tasting in Oaxaca or Bangkok. Or read it – like I did – when you have a few hours to fill.

I’ll try to open this easy-to-read field guide when I need information about a specific insect. Wikipedia seems to go-to option, but why not.

The pace & optimism make it an enjoyable read, but in the end there is not a single idea or story that stuck with me.


Thanks for joining me!

“Eating insects is good for the environment and balanced diets,’ — Kofi Annan

And who are we to disagree ?

So let’s start a journey, and find out how to balance the environment & our diets.